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Hoboken, NJ

Tongue Tie Surgery for Hoboken, NJ

Tongue tie is a common condition that many individuals deal with. The condition limits the ability to move the tongue. It occurs in about 5% of infants. It is also three times more common among boys than girls. People are born with this condition; it is not developed. Children with tongue tie tend to have difficulty breastfeeding, talking, and eating. The issue often corrects itself on its own, but it does not always. If the issue does not correct itself, it can be fixed through surgery.

If you need a frenectomy procedure in the Hoboken, NJ area, you should visit your local tongue tie specialists. They will discuss your options with you and the details of tongue tie surgery. It typically takes about 2 weeks to recover from corrective procedures. The short recovery period is because the laser used cauterizes the wound while it cuts. This makes it easier for children because they will not have to wait too long to return to normal activities and reap the benefits of a successful frenectomy.


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